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Triathlon Training Minneapolis


The Soles Inspired Tri Club is a Grass Valley, California-based group dedicated to training and racing. Our 30+ members range from many first-time sprint course triathletes to those training for half-iron triathlons. Regardless of your swim, bike and run ability, you will have plenty of training partners on the club. Beginners will be supported from start to finishing each season with seminars and detailed instruction on how to do everything from swimming in open water to changing a flat bike tire. Experienced athletes will receive instruction form Western Nevada County's only USA Triathlon certified coach.

To learn more, contact Scott at or 248-877-5338.

Coach Scott Beesley

Professional Experience
Currently, Coach Bees splits his time between his personal clientele across the U.S., local clients in Nevada City, California and greater Gold Country, and teaching restorative yoga in Grass Valley, California. He works with a wide range of talents from first timers to competitive age groupers looking to return to the podium, and has produced many first-time Ironman finishers, first-time USAT AG National Championship and ITU AG World Championship qualifiers and first-time Boston Marathon qualifiers.  The theme among his clients is that they are all busy professionals and/or family members with significant demands on their time that prevent them from being served by traditional “out of the box” training plans.

Current and past experience includes swim coach and head coach roles for the Team in Training South Maui Triathlon and Minneapolis Triathlon Teams, head coach for the Minnesota Junior Elite Bronze Team, head coach MediFit Triathlon Team, endurance sport coach with OptumHealth Performance, functional strength consultant to the Waseca boys and girls cross country teams, guest speaker on “Yoga for Endurance Athletes” at the Twin Cities Yoga Festival, and coach of multiple paraplegic triathletes.

His coaching career has evolved significantly since it began 15 years ago. Originally working in a high school basketball program, he made his first major transition away from team sports and into personal training. Personal training provided a strong foundation of anatomy and physiology knowledge in both academic and experiential settings. His love of triathlon and multi-sport adventure racing made the move to coaching these disciplines an easy one.

Personal Experience
Walking the walk, Coach Bees has spent his entire life as an athlete in one form or another. Over a decade ago he transitioned away from his lifestyle as a vegetarian body builder to that of a vegan triathlete, marathoner, and multi-sport adventure racer. His 10+ career podium appearances have come in a variety of different races, as he has raced every distance of every discipline he can find from 400m to 5k open water swims, cycling time trials to countless century rides, triathlons from XTERRA sprint to Ironman, and enough off-road events to warrant the purchase of his own suture kit. Most recently Coach Bees finished the 2012 season on top of the rankings for his division in the Minnesota Tri Series and missed his spot on the 2013 Team USA by 29 seconds thanks to a flat tire. In 2013 he made his return to off-road racing by taking the overall win at the Xterra Torn Shirt Triathlon and 6th place at the USAT Off Road National Championship, earning his spot on Team USA for the 2014 Cross Triathlon (off road) World Championship in Zittau, Germany. He finds the balance in his own training plan through regular yoga and meditation sessions.


Triathlon Coaches, Training Plans


Q:  What if I don’t know how to swim well?
A:  Don’t worry, neither do most triathletes.  Race day is a long ways away and we have coached dozens of fearful swimmers to their first finish line.  Our “A Race” has a sprint option with a ½ mile swim.  By the time race day gets here you’ll be swimming a ½ mile as your warm up. 

Q:  Do I need a fancy tri bike and other expensive gear?
A:  Absolutely not.  If you bike is geared and tuned up it will be fine.  Save your money.

Q:  How many practices and clinics do I need to attend?
A:  Zero.  This is a club and your participation in our organized practices is completely optional.  Every single workout will be written out in great detail in the monthly newsletter for you to train on you own if you live far away or have other commitments that prevent you from joining us.  As a point of reference, half of this club is “virtual” and lives in Minnesota.

Q:  I haven’t exercised since high school gym class.  Where do I begin?
A:  There are three training progressions to follow.  The beginner plan is designed to get people from the couch to the finish line in one piece with a smile on their face and has been successfully executed by over 100 beginners we have coached.

Q:   I’m kind of a big deal. My bike is worth more than your car and I have triathlon tattoos.  Is that last guy going to slow me down?
A:  No worries.  The advanced training plan is designed for guys like you and we’ve coached athletes to countless PRs, podiums and national championship qualifications. 

Q:  How much time do I need to dedicate to training?
A:  If you can commit to three weekly sessions of 30 – 45 minutes (on average) and one slightly longer weekend brick, you will have no issues completing the sprint distance race.

Q:  What if I get close to race day and I’m not ready?
A:  You’ll be ready for at least one of the three disciplines and we’ll find you partners to do the other portions of the race on a relay team.  …of course this will never happen because you really will be prepared to take the race on by yourself.